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The  Wildopen Tour

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Finale Ligure is more than you think to know! We have discovered new trails and given a fresh touch to some others old gold ones, that means that we can offer some different kind of days into the woods, one more relaxed and the other a little bit more challeging, both with 4x4 uplift and a little bit of more pedal action.

If you already know every stone of the classic trails, this is what you're looking for!

The Wildopen Tours


As you probably already know we truly love the black sheeps and the salmon way of life, in short: being outside the box, really represents our comfortzone. So, since categorizing is boring, for the upcoming season we're presenting " the grand wi[L]d open tour "!

The backcountry or outback or callitwhateveryouwant world is so beautifull that it would be a shame to put your wheels on just one specific area, with us you can have a taste of what the dream trails are about from Calizzano to Castelvecchio areas in the same day as we are able to link together all the less known paths on all the outback regions in order to offer a real tailor made riding experience. Multi days trip? No worries! You hardly see the same trail more than a few times. Plus, for 2023 we got the keys of a brand new exclusive trail paradise. Now you have no more excuses to wait, fourby's engines are warming up!

Price: 85€ / Person / Day

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