Finale Ligure is more than you think to know! In collaboration with our bros of "BACKCOUNTRY FINALE" we have discovered new trails and given a fresh touch to some others old gold ones, that means that we can offer 2 different kind of days into the woods, one more relaxed and the other a little bit more challeging, both with 4x4 uplift and a little bit of more pedal action.

If you already know every stone of the classic trails, this is what you're looking for!

The 9-seater jeep can take ONLY 7 riders.

(If you are a big group don't worry, we've got more than an option for you!)

Pietra Ligure Tour

Peace and Flow for our friends If you're looking for something different, in the middle of forests and mountains... the single tracks of Monte Carmo are what you're looking for! Only our Jeep can get you there... and you immediately will be sent in a "wild" dimension!

Thanks to the best trail builders in the area such as Fulvio Balbi, Riccardo Serrato e Ale Massa the riding "Flow" is guaranteed!

Price: 70€ / Person / Day

pietra panorama.jpg

Mallare Tour

The crowd in the most famous trails starts to be annoying? A couple of 100 mt from the Enduro and DH mecca of Finale Ligure we have some amazing news waiting for you! We discovered a dark side, made of single tracks, wild forests and amazing views. But also amazing food and a one of the most beautiful valley in the area! All this only thanks to our 4x4's

Price: 70€ / Person / Day