Lifestyle, beach, food and obviously a huge variety of trails are all together the reasons why Finale ligure (Italy) and his hinterland are definitely the place to be. This is the reason why we have started our activity of mtb guiding back in 2012.

And if just the fact that we love our job is not enough for you , the plus that will make your experience simply different are that:

- first of all we're rider.

- we are formed guides from the italian federation of cyclism.

- if we're not on the bike, we spend our time searching new lines into     the woods

- we know and respect our territory 'cause we're ethically  locals

- our main focus is to build up a big smile onto your face at the end       of an epic ride


getting out from the routine it's always nice, that's why we've got a new tour ready for the upcoming season, choose your destination is now up to you!



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